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Health data you can add includes:
• Blood Type
• COVID-19 symptoms
• COVID-19 history
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Healthcare's Missing Link

Integrate with many of the world's most frequently used systems and
give participants control over how, when and from who they receive care

Medical errors due to the lack of readily accessible health and medical records often result in death. This is not unique to any one country, it happens globally on a daily basis. MyLifeID provides the interoperability for people to aggregate their medical information from multiple sources in nearly 100 languages, regardless of what health network they are in creating the most comprehensive patient profile on the planet.

MyLifeID’s proprietary secure hybrid-cloud platform combines the ability to aggregate, exchange and store virtually any type of data, including health information, legal and other personalized data with a multi-tiered secure cloud and personalized portable storage device, Pocket Cloud™.  It provides the most flexible and convenient method of protection and data access available anywhere, anytime, and in any way; online or offline.

We enable access to the information even when not connected to the internet and offer personal controls of who can see the data for different reasons. This provides a meaningful and usable solution for consumers, businesses and the medical community while:

  • Reducing costs
  • Accelerating diagnosis
  • Increasing treatment accuracy
  • Empowering people to be an active participant in their healthcare

The MyLifeID solution has emergency and comprehensive record access methods providing proper compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and many other regulations while servicing conditions that are becoming increasingly problematic.  Fires, hurricanes, flooding and other scenarios such as hospital closures, healthcare bankruptcy and healthcare capacity make it even more important for people to have their health, medical and personal fitness information with them. 

Millions of people are finding themselves being cared for by those who they have never met due to quarantines, evacuations and more. Relying on one’s memory to provide clear, accurate and complete information has proven impossible which leads to more than 250,000 deaths in the US alone, according to John Hopkins. MyLifeID solves this problem!

My Life ID card with USB connector

Fully-encrypted - Virtually Indestructible

MyLifeID Pocket Cloud is a portable storage device specifically created to carry your most sensitive health and medical data.


Provide care to your patients more effectively 


Learn how MYLifeID can extend the level of care, whether you are a practice, an insurance company or medical group. Suitable for hospitals, telemedicine, clinics and labs.


Take care of your guests, not just their travel​


Learn how you can protect your travelers and your employees. Ideal for travel agencies, hospitality and air, cruise and tour companies.


It's not just student life, it's student health​


Learn how MyLifeID helps protect your students and your institution. Ideal for schools, universities, sports teams, study abroad programs and student organizations.