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College & Education Program

Each student has a unique background, from their cultural upbringing to their environment, behaviors, disciplines and more. The continued and consistent health of a student plays a key role in their success. Implementing a health and wellness program at school can be a major influence for student learning. Additionally, different schools have different levels of risk associated with them based on the age of the student, location, level of education and disciplines taught. 

Over 40% of students suffer a medical event while away from home:

  • Communicable diseases
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Traffic accidents & indiscretions

On campus infirmaries seldom have a complete understanding of a student’s health history which can result in slower or mistaken diagnosis, application of treatments or prescriptions with unforeseen side-effects and medical mistakes. Incorporating MyLifeID into the student’s enrollment helps the student, their family and the school become more participatory in the health and success of the educational journey while also providing protection and better preparedness in the event of a health situation.  Schools can also extend MyLifeID’s program to administrative staff and faculty helping to assist the entire school ecosystem.

The typical problems encountered at a school infirmary include:

  • Students don’t have their health records
  • Schools have limited information and resources
  • Delays to get health/medical records can take days
  • Student’s medical record may be in a foreign language
  • Doctors can’t wait for health/medical records to be translated

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Schools are more challenged by health concerns than ever before. Be prepared and protect your school, your staff and your students with the Group Benefit Program and our MyLifeID Health and Wellness Program for Schools