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John Hopkins finds that Medical Errors account for the third most deaths in the United States: Over 250,000 each year.

May 2016 –

The below are examples where MyLifeID can be used and bring benefit to those involved. You will find that each use case references actual events, so there are no hypothetical scenarios here. These are real situations happening to real people where MyLifeID can be helping today!

Medical Tourism

People in the UK are on wait lists for routine medical procedures. These wait times can be extremely long – up to five months – and lead to worsening conditions. As a result, more than 100,000 British citizens are traveling abroad for medical care annually. 

“Whether it’s a hip replacement, a cataract operation, treatment for cancer, dentistry or IVF, the number of patients waiting for treatment under the UK’s NHS is growing at an alarming rate.”

MyLifeID enables UK citizens to have their medical records with them in multiple languages so they can seek treatment as quickly as they want wherever they want.

Storms and Sudden Evacuations

People are constantly being relocated temporarily due to storms such as the 7 million people in advance of hurricane Irma.

Paper records rarely survive storms. Internet connectivity is scarce or non-existent. People evacuate to areas outside their medical network and have no access to their medical history even if their new location is safe from the storm.

MyLifeID is the only option for people who want their medical information with them during times of uncertainty when they may need their medical information for prolonged unexpected events.

Unexpected Medical Treatment

Students returning from a trip were hospitalized after they fell ill on a flight.  They were rushed to the hospital from Boston Logan Airport, where they underwent dozens of examinations such as allergy tests because none of the students had their current allergy records with them. Thousands of dollars in insurance and personal deductibles were spent to cover the costs of these tests.

These could have been avoided if they had the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud with them, which stores allergy information.

April 22, 2019

Healthcare System Turmoil

Arizona College Student May Die Because She Cannot Get Her Records.

MyLifeID would allow her to have her records with her at all times and would help people like her from being entangled by issues affecting providers.

Feb 20, 2019

Leisure Travel

These passengers were evacuated from a cruise ship to a local hospital which had limited international resources. Doctors had to translate via other passengers to service their medical needs.

MyLifeID’s support of 150 languages would have alleviated the issue of translating for the doctors as the MyLifeID users would have pre-selected to have their information available in Norwegian as part of their travel preparation.

Public Health Policy

Rockland County bans infected from public areas. People carrying their MyLifeID Pocket Cloud can prove they have been vaccinated to enter areas with health restrictions or to pass through checkpoints quickly.

National Health Policy Compliance

Immigrants and travelers are the largest cause of Measles and Rubella outbreaks. As countries add health checks to immigration, adoption and visa requirements, a portable method to prove compliance is becoming more necessary.

MyLifeID’s Pocket Cloud device is an affordable, reliable method of providing this compliance in 150 languages.


College athletes and students often do not have complete medical histories with the college.  Even though the school creates its own medical records through tests and examinations, often the history of the student is lacking.

The MyLifeID would allow colleges, universities and schools to have a student’s medical information aggregated and available at all times to prevent misdiagnosis, missing crucial details and delays in treatments.

Business Travel

Often people traveling for work are out of their health network incurring out-of-pocket expenses for tests and treatments even though they are at higher risk for illness.

MyLifeID can reduce tests and accelerate treatments by providing the necessary medical information to healthcare providers anywhere in the world if a person is away from home, enhancing their quality of healthcare and life.